[IGN-164] Ubuntu 19.04 help

I am hoping somebody can help me. I am trying to setup a test server in Ubuntu 19.04 running Ignition 8.0.7. I will admit I am a novice when it comes to Linux.

After downloading the designerlaucher and extracting it, what is the next step the gateway says to “Open the Designer Launcher” but the OS seems to not recognize the designer launcher file and just opens it in the text editor.

Right-click and save it, make sure it is executable, then click on it in the download folder.

Thank you for the response, but I am not following you. After extracting it and opening the extracted folder when double click on the designerlauncher file it just opens in a text editor. What do you mean by making sure its executable?

you can cd into the file’s location then run chmod +x on the file. This makes sure it has executable privilege. You check any file for RWX permissions by using ls -l

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I ran the chmod +x command on the file and when looking at the properties it says it is executable yet i cant get it to run. Still just opens in the text editor.

AHH I found part of the issue, Ubuntu 19.04 by default has the file explorer set to display executable text files instead of running them.


I have the same problem with ubuntu 20.04.
I tried to set up the preference of the file explore to run the executable file instead to show them as text file, but in anycase i cannot to run the designer launcher. ( see the picture to see how I have setup the preferences).

Hi @andrea.minu,

The launcher shell script is in the app directory which can be ran directly as well.

Jonathan C

I encountered the same problem, how can I solve it?
Thank you

Copy the files to .local/shared/applications. You can then access it through the app drawer and, if desired, pinned to the Dock.

EDIT: This will only work for the current user. Copying to usr/shared/applications should work for all users.

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