[IGN-1656]Perspective Table "Copy" changed from copying CSV to copying JSON?


I don't know if I'm imagining things, but I'm sure copying rows from a Perspective Table used to copy CSV?

Now it copies JSON. For a dev, this might be useful sometimes (maybe?), but SCADA is for operators and 99.99999% of operators don't even know what JSON is, let alone know how to use it. They want to copy it and paste into Excel. I can't even add a button to do this anymore in Perspective since scripts run on the gateway and hence I can't copy into the client's clipboard.

Can this be changed back to copying in CSV format?

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I didn't know that was possible in previous versions.

As a workaround, you can add a "download" button that converts the table data into CSV.

Edit #1:
Just tested it. I got a JSON string as you said.

It would be way more handy if the copy/paste format is "excel-friendly".

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Exactly, that's nearly all that copying the data will be used for, or pasting into notepad and saving as a CSV

cant excel also import json?
ah nvm they dont even know what it is xD

Remember, Excel still uses vba.. :rofl:

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i dont know what vba is xd :baby:

VBA = Very Bad Acronym

Oh hey, that's kinda cool. I just need to somehow get this through to all the operators :exploding_head:


We've got an existing (unfortunately longstanding...) ticket to allow you to switch the 'copy' format between JSON, CSV, and TSV (tab separated values), which Excel will allow you to paste directly.

I'm pretty sure it's always been JSON out of Perspective.


I've just ran into this issue here where I'm converting a vision application to perspective where operators copy and paste table data from the project directly into an excel file. @PGriffith