[IGN-1726] Perspective session console

Often when something is not working as expected in a perspective session, I wind up logging into the ignition server to check out the gateway wrapper log, to see what errors are occurring.

Is there any way to embed a “console” in a perspective session to show the same information, i.e. a debug console? It would be useful for an engineer to be able to toggle on and off a console dock for testing purposes occasionally.

You could use system.perspective.print to write to the console directly.
Then you can either open the console in the designer or in a browser to see what’s been printed there.

You could try Ryan McLaughlin’s very elegant Perspective Utility Scripts and use the statusbar to post debug information.

You could add a session debug variable to enable / disable writing of debug information.

Thanks - I know about system.perspective.print but I’m more after something that I don’t have to explicitly write code for - I just want to see whatever is written to the gateway log in real time so that if I want to, I can monitor and see if anything unexpected is going on.

@Transistor, would the link you posted achieve this? Can you give me a 30-second ‘what’s involved in implementing this’ brief?


There is not a way to do this currently. We do have an open feature request (in which I’ve placed a link to this thread) to provide all warning and error level logging to sessions based on a session property. It’s not clear if that feature would also be able to include general logging or not.

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