[IGN-2121] Status Message to Disappear after few seconds

Hi IA Forum,

How do you implement the above topic?

I have a query button, when click and query was successful, I want to display success message for 10 seconds and then disappear..

def onActionPerformed(self):
    from time import sleep
    # perform query logic here.
    success = system.db.runPrepUpdate(<args_here>) > 0. # runPrepUpdate returns a count of modified records
    if success:
        # modify the openPopup invocation to include positioning and "sizing" arguments, but beware of 
        # locating the Popup too far to the right
        successful_popup_id = "SomethingUnique"
        system.perspective.openPopup(id=successful_popup_id, view="TargetViewPath")

We also have an open feature request to provide access to our Notification UI via scripting. No ETA as it's still in the incubation phase.