[IGN-2240] Perspective Gauge Hide Tick Labels

I am looking for a way to hide the tick labels on a gauge in perspective. In vision there was an option to hide the tick labels but doesn't appear to be an option in perspective. Ideas?



Based off of the manual you could try props.innerWidth.tickMark.width = 0

I’m not seeing that property. There’s a props.innerAxis.tickMarks but the three properties under that (Color, thickness, length) have nothing to do with the tick labels.

:man_facepalming: thats what I get for trying to help before having coffee, I thought you said tick marks not labels, also its thickness not width you are correct.

I am currently looking to see if there is a way you can do this with theming, as I agree it doesnt seem to exist in the component props.

EDIT: It does look to be determined by an element style on the gauge itself, however thats within a list of divs within the ia.chart.gauge and I am not sure theming can get to that. Looks like a dev/@cmallone would need to clarify that one.

It’s very important when you ask questions like this to include the version you are using because of changes in how components are constructed between different versions.

Before 8.0.13:
Set Gauge.props.style.stroke to #FFFFFF and Gauge.props.syle.strokeWidth to a value of 2.

8.0.13 or newer:
Set gauge.props.style.fontSize to 0.

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Thanks for the quick response. I am currently on 8.012 I will probably update so I can just put the font size to zero. Even by changing the color to the background color you can still kinda see the labels.

I basically need to strip everything out of the gauge so I can put my own labels…we use it for more of a string based indicator if that makes sense. See an example below for a gauge representing our safety status.


Is there also anyway to remove the two gray range lines?


Could you share a screenshot? It could be a difference in the color of the background vs what I supplied, or you might just need to bump the width I specified.

As for removing the grey lines - I don’t think they can be removed or have their color changed. @ynejati might be able to determine that better than I can, but I think you might be stuck with those.

The background color is ok. You can just see part of the label in the red section as well as the darker grey lines where the range is.


Something like this?


If so, we’ll need to create a feature request. No way for our users to do it at the moment.

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Yea that would be great if I could do that in perspective. Thanks.

Hi just checking in, but is there a feature request created for this functionality?

There is, but it got a little buried. Visible now and in queue. Thanks for the reminder. :+1:

Is there any update for this feature?
If not, can anyone post the link to the feature request so to vote for it?

The feature has not yet been started, but I've noted the additional interest on the issue.

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exactly i want the same. remove the two gray range lines?
now the feature is implemented? . if no, what will do for hide or remove the gray lines.

Thanks in advance.

Any updates on this feature to hide the lines? I would like to add my upvote if it's not started :slight_smile: