[IGN-2397] Configure Docked View Parameters

I'm trying to edit parameters for a docked view in the page configuration window, but the view parameters window is so absurdly tiny. Is there a way to expand the viewing port? Or could this be added in a future update?


We have an internal ticket already in place to overhaul the entire Docked View configuration panel.

Curious how people like to use docked views in Perspective.

In our initial projects, I used docked views for a menu and header. But the Building Management System Demo (source available in the Exchange) was a complete shift in how I saw the potential uses of docked views.

There are so many practical applications for Docked Views... Below are just a few examples of ways we use them in some of our internal QA projects.

User status

Alarm status
In-depth display of a selected item in a main view
Configuration of what is displayed in the main view (settings panel)

I also have developed some projects which use Docked Views (left/right) as a chat window between sessions.

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