[IGN-2412] XY Chart drag drop reordering series


They request for the opposite order I had.
So I grabbed these guys and moved them around.

2 ended up stacked somehow, and one of them lost it's color, data references, and bindings just completely overwritten by one of the others.

The label bindings didn't move at all.
I ended up duplicating the old page, and copy pasting things series from one to the other instead of using the drag to move.

I think there must be like a drag on top of function vs drag to drop between function that I might have missed maybe, and the bindings not moving. It was odd for me anyway.

V 8.1.19

It's not only in XY Chart.

Also some topics I found:

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The bug is with reordering any array items. There are two bugs:

  1. Bindings don't move with the items they're bound to, they stay attached to the same index. Very unintuitive and frustrating
  2. When you move an item, there are all of a sudden two items with the same index. You need to click off the component and back into it, otherwise, from memory, you end up with the contents of one of the two items being overwritten by the other
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