[IGN-2543] Perspective thermometer mercury color

The manual says:

Three temperature intervals can optionally be defined with their own colors

However, I have been unsuccessful in turning that off. I would like to make it the same as a couple of other components on my page, and want to bind the mercuryColor property to that, but Perspective stubbornly replaces them every time.

I have deleted the three intervals in the component props. That seems to work, the Designer reflects it. However, when I save it, they are put back

I have tried limiting the ranges of the three intervals. That didn’t really change anything.

Can anyone let me know how I can do this? Bonus points there is a way to eliminate the °


You’re actually encountering two different issues of which we are aware.

  1. The degree symbol is not supposed to be present unless a user supplies the symbol as part of the units property.
  2. The intervals object is always used while present.

To be clear, the removal of the intervals object and its subsequent re-appearance is not an “issue” with the component becuase that property is a required piece of the structure of the component and so if it is missing the Designer will put it back in place.

In order to dynamically change the color of the mercury, I recommend setting the high and low properties for EACH of the intervals to 0. At this point, the mercuryCOlor property should be the only value recognized for the color, and binding that to your color should result in the appearance you expect (aside from the always-on degree symbol).

I could have sworn I set the intervals to 0s and it didn’t work, but when I just did that it did work.
Hope you get the degree symbol issue fixed some time soon.


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