[IGN-2678] Tag import error when importing empty folder: Exception: Error importing tags: Udt definitions can only be imported in the UDT Definitions tab


I’m trying to copy tags from one gateway to another by export/import tags, but for some reason I’m getting this error when trying to import standard (non-UDT type) tags… There isn’t even a "tagType": "UdtType" in the tag json so I have no idea why I would be getting this error?

For giggles, I tried importing them into the UDT Definitions and get the same error :rofl:

Found it… It’s a bug: Empty folders can’t be imported. I’m sure I’ve seen this before but couldn’t remember the issue.


Good catch - we’re already tracking this internally. It looks like the import process is getting some revamping and cleanup, so in addition to fixing this bug you’ll get some extra functionality. Should land ~soon.