[IGN-2758] Perspective Alarm Status Table activeSortOrder - What is this for?

The user manual description doesn't make sense in describing what exactly this does and how to use it:

I want to sort alarms by state (ActiveUnack, ActiveAcked, ClearUnacked, ClearAcked), time (latest to oldest), then by priority (highest to lowest) in this order.

activeSortOrder is a user-defined list of Alarm Status Table column names, where the lowest index within the list will be driving value to sort on, and then equal values will be sorted by the next index.

So for your use-case of sorting by state, time, and then priority, you should have something like this:

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 9.51.29 PM

and you should make sure that the sort property for each of these columns is “descending”.

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 9.52.57 PM

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Hi @nminchin, I wonder if you are able to order the columns state as you wish (ActiveUnack, ActiveAcked, ClearUnacked, ClearAcked).

I would like to make the same but I'm struggling with it.

Thank you

Unfortunately, the sorting of the state column is purely alphabetical instead of by relative importance. We have an open feature ticket to bring this sorting behavior in-line with the behavior experienced in Vision. No ETA on when that feature might begin development.

Dear @cmallonee thanks for your answer, I'm sorry to read this.

We're using Vision and we would like to show the same exactly alarm status table (as order of alarms) in perspective.
There's no other ways at all to fix this? Script or something else.

Thank you

No, there is no custom scripting avenue for directly manipulating the displayed sort order of alarm entries.

One possible work-around would be to script retrieval of alarm status using system.alarm.queryStatus() and sorting the result yourself, then supplying the sorted result to a regular Perspective Table.

Thank you all for the help, I'll figure out how to move on.