[IGN-3039] Trial Timer not accurate

I am using the following gateway:

Version: 8.1.18 (b2022061518)
Platform: * Linux | amd64
Java :* 11.0.15+10-LTS

This gateway is on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, running in VmWare Workstation.

The Gateway trial timer is sometimes two hours and sometimes one hour, almost exactly on the hour.
The countdown runs erratically, but always starts counting from 1:59:59.

Any ideas? This is a development setup, so using VMs is the only way to have many dev gateways available.

I don’t know the cause, but it looks like we are already tracking this issue, albeit with low enough priority that it has been ignored for quite some time :grimacing:

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Oddly, It doesn’t happen on the same gateway backup on a Win10 VM on same machine. Good to hear its on the list.