[IGN-3235] 8.1.7 Exposed tag provider

I recently attempted an upgrade on one of our servers from 7.9.17 to 8.1.7 (I’ll call this server A). This server has 13 remote tag providers(field servers) and 13 local tag providers. The OPC server is set to expose tag providers.

There’s another server 7.9.16(I’ll call this server B) that connects to the OPC server on Server A. This is so when a tag is added to one of our servers in the field it is accessible on servers A and B automatically. But with the recent upgrade I had two issues.

  1. When browsing the OPC connection on server B, it only had the local tags from server A. It didn’t include the remote tag providers that were available when server A was 7.9.17.
  2. The tags in server B with OPC paths that were still valid, had a stale quality.

The only way I could get a tag to update on server B was to create a new OPC connection to server A with a different name and point one of the tags through that connection. But if I deleted the original OPC connection and renamed the new connection to the old name the tags still wouldn’t update(hopefully that made sense).

Server B is only connected to 2300 tags in server A. I saw in another post something about too many subscriptions, but I couldn’t get that error to show up in the log even after changing the logging levels.

I did read through the 7.9 to 8.1 upgrade guide and I don’t think it mentioned anything about issues with this kind of setup but I could have missed something.

So mostly wondering, is not having the remote tag providers exposed in the OPC connection is how it is just going to be with version 8 or did I miss a setting? Or is my only option to create remote tag providers in server B for every tag provider in server A?
Also am I running into a version compatibility issue when making 7.9 a client of a 8.1 OPC server?

I had to downgrade server A back to 7.9.17 to keep things running in server B so I won’t be able to verify certain things but I do have 8.1.7 setup on my laptop to continue testing this out.


@NSyzz, I’m sorry you’re having trouble getting those Remote Tag Providers to come through that OPC-UA Connection from 7.9.x. We’ve got an open ticket investigating this behavior right now (re: 7.9 remote tag providers exposed through 8.1.x OPC-UA). I’ll try to keep you updated.

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Thanks @kcollins1.