[IGN-3245]Style Customizer -Display Issue?


Something I have found on my travels on designer which may/ may not be known about.

I am running version 8.1.7

The display in style customizer isn’t filling out even when given the full screen. it cuts of the text and buttons for my states - in this case for a multistate indicator. Picture attached

This is only an annoyance, not a world shattering problem - but my peers have found it and are equally bothered.

If there is a way to fix please advise, else I look forward to future updates!

p.s big fan of the product

Thank you!

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I see this in 8.1.13 also.

Also looking for a solution as this makes detailed, multi-line messages very tedious to create.

Running 8.1.15, this problem is still present. Makes it a bit annoying even for writing single line text