[IGN-3367]Perspective screen orientation

Is there a way to determine whether the viewport is in a portrait or landscape orientation?

I know there is a common request for viewport dimensions to be exposed, is there a chance that this will happen?

My specific use for this would be to have dashboards optimised for their respective orientations. But I can think of many other cases where this could be useful.

This should really be accomplished by using reactive containers. This allows you to make the View once, but allow it to handle layout according to viewport dimensions on its own.

Creating a View which appears different based on portrait vs landscape sounds like you should use a Flex Container with wrapping enabled, or possibly a Breakpoint Container.

@cmallonee in most circumstances I would agree; however, when it comes to dashboards things get complicated. Although you can get the widgets and the dashboard to be responsive, it’s difficult to get the widget position in the dashboard to be responsive.

An example case would be lots of small widgets all in a row on a landscape screen. When this transitions to portrait these become very small. Ideally they would move onto the next row in dashboard (which I’m sure is possible via scripting, but in my head, seems very difficult).

Possible solutions to the example are:

  1. Reduce the grid size of the dashboard so that the effect is less pronounced.
    a. In this case I do not want to restrict the end user to this extent.

  2. Instead of having lots of individual widgets, create fewer complex widgets that are more responsive.
    a. Again, this restricts the end user’s capabilities. If they want lots of widgets laid out exactly where they want them, then I would like to provide that functionality.

  3. Create two dashboards, each optimised for portrait/landscape layout, and use a breakpoint container to decide which to show.
    a. This is my preferred solution currently; however, the breakpoint doesn’t have reference to the view height, so it is not a true indication of whether the screen is in portrait/landscape. If dimensions were exposed to allow a decision to be made on the orientation, this solution would be perfect.

In this example it may actually be better to have access to the container dimensions rather than the viewport. This seems like the simplest solution for me, but I understand it could cause a few headaches to expose these in the properties. Another option could be to have an ‘orientation’ property in the session props that we can use, if this is easier to implement.

We have a free perspective component that may help you with this.

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@jonathan.taylor thank you, I will give it a try.

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We do have an open feature request to provide insight into the orientation of the page, with the goal being to provide a way to also “lock” the orientation if necessary on a per-page basis. I’ll make a note that an additional request has been made.

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@cmallonee thank you.

Not to uncover an old thread, but I would like to have this feature be implemented as well (if it’s not already). Mostly because with iOS, for some reason when I rotate to landscape, it tends to zoom in on the page. I don’t really need/want a user to rotate anyway, so might as well lock it to avoid any confusion/frustration. Thanks!

Hi @Joe_Kelly, viewport dimensions are available from v8.1.7 (I think) if you need to determine orientation. I’m sure I saw a feature request/post for locking screen orientation on the Perspective app, but I can’t seem to find it :man_shrugging:

Hey Matthew, I knew about the dimensions. What I really want is to see if there’s a way to force a certain orientation (or lock the current orientation) for the viewport. As I said, it’s just because for some reason, iOS likes to zoom in on the viewport when the orientation changes. For now, I’ll just lock the orientation on the device itself. Thanks!

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