[IGN-3422] Project Browser Tree Expansion Bug

I’d like to report a bothersome bug in the project browser tree.
As shown in the attached video, most of the times an element is selected, the whole navigation tree collapses. It makes working in the Designer a real pain in the neck.
As far as I know, this a bug which has been reported in the past, multiple times.
Thank you!


What version are you in?

8.1.5, but as far as I’ve seen, this same issue is also present in the last version (and the previous ones).

I confirm that the problem is still present in 8.1.10. Regarding this issue, I’ve opened a ticket a while ago (id #8433), but I closed it because with the 8.1.5 it seemed to be solved, but then while the project I was developing has grown a bit the issue reappeared: it seems that it is related in some way with both the project complexity and the views complexity.

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I’ve escalated the internal ticket filed from the other linked thread.

Thank you! Keep us updated.

Hello, is there any news regarding this issue?

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No, nothing to share.
We have a long backlog. This is a higher-priority item, but still not at the top of the pile.

Hello @PGriffith, are there any news regarding this issue?
Thank you.

I can confirm this still happens in 8.1.15.


Sad face :frowning: I was hoping that upgrading would fix this. It’s becoming super annoying. It seems that anything I do collapses the tree. For example adding new components into a container, adding a binding to an SVG element, looking at a View the wrong way in the Designer… it all adds inefficiencies and frustration to designing projects.


Honestly I feel the same frustration and I cannot wrap my head over the fact that those bugs are being dragged on in every single release. Those are the kind of issues making the design of a complex project super-frustrating: I just think it should be better focusing on those bugs instead of adding new features.
A lot of people have reported it since 2020.


There’s no decision being proactively made to leave these bugs around. It’s just a consequence of a two things:

  1. There are a finite number of developers we employ
  2. We have a lot of issues to triage, and more are coming in all the time.

This issue is annoying, I grant you. But, I promise, we’re not making any deliberate decision to ignore your (or anyone’s!) feedback.


Hello @PGriffith, thanks for your reply.
I fully understand that there are plenty of issues on your plate and, as I stated today in another topic, I also know solving bugs is time consuming. And I’m not even suggesting you and your team are making a deliberate decision to ignore some issues over others.
Still, it looks like that some bugs will remain for years in this sort of limbo where they are not so system-breaking to get promptly solved, but neither pretty easily manageable to get closed in the bat of an eye. That’s all, and I think you can understand this frustration from the point of view of customers.

Thank you.


May I ask you which color has been assigned to this particular issue?
Thanks in advance.

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This issue is marked as ‘yellow’ in our arbitrary classifications.

That is absolutely true, and something we’re constantly trying to work on. Aside from the ‘coarse’ signal of absolute priority, we have a variety of other signals in our issue tracking system to try to surface things with the highest customer impact to fix first - and this issue does have some of those things set, it just hasn’t yet risen to the top of the pile.

I totally understand the frustration, though, especially as it’s a totally opaque process outside of this forum and the ideas portal.


PGriffith you poor dude

Just wanted to jump on the band wagon with this fault also , started in the last 3 days for me :expressionless:

It is super dooper annoying and seems to be increasing in frequency.
edit: Definitely increasing - it is almost constant now

Can confirm this happens with no action at all on my pc - just staring at it can set it off.

Interesting that it wasn’t happening for the last few months for me and it just started!
Running 8.1.7

Good luck with the backlog!

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Try squinting your eyes so it can’t see you’re watching it. It’s worked out well for me. Although now that I’ve opened them I’ve realised that I wasn’t even in the Designer anymore :thinking:


So I blew away my “…/.ignition/cache” folder and this seems to have helped a lot.
hasn’t collapsed for the last hour or so (compared to every 30 seconds).

Hope this helps someone in interim

I confirm it’s something cache related, anyway it seems to be related also to the complexity of the project: in simpler ones it can even never happen, but when the project is quite complex, with lots of views and embedded views, even after cleaning the cache it reappears quickly.
I’m experiencing this problem since when I started using Perspective in 2019, but in more recent versions it seems to have gotten worse, for example, just like you said, the tree collapses by itself, and I’ve been seeing this behavior for about a year now.