[IGN-3530] LED Display component background width?

If I put Something Very Long into an LED display component , the black background runs out and turns white which is hard to read , is there a setting in the property editor to make the black background wider ???

Something very long

Bad news: This is a bug we've known about for years and just haven't gotten around to fixing.

Good news: There's a very simple workaround which should solve your issue unless you have special theming rules in place which aren't evident in your screenshot.


  1. Right-click the LEDDisplay component and hover over "Wrap in Container" before then selecting "Coordinate".
  2. In the Project Browser, locate and select the container which is now wrapping the LED Display component.
  3. Add backgroundColor as a property of CoordinateContainer.props.style.
  4. Set backgroundColor to have a value of var(--neutral-100). This value should be theme-agnostic and allow this to work even if you're using various built-in themes. This value could stop working correctly if you apply your own styling to the LED Display in any way.

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