[IGN-3775] Translation of placeholder in Perspective

I am trying to add Spanish translations in my perspective app. I have a multi-state button when the app opens which allows the user to select which language they want.

Most of the texts in Labels, buttons, etc., seem to translate except for the “placeholder” texts in the text boxes.

Do I have to follow anything different for placeholders?
Any suggestions appreciated.

In my version they dont get translated automatically either,
But you can use system.util.translate() in a binding i guess
Or just wait untill they add it @cmallonee

Yes, i was thinking of that solution but wanted to make if there was another straight forward way of translating.

Thanks for your help.

Its probably just something they overlooked, translations in react arent that hard to implement, so if they see your post here im sure they will update it quite soon;)

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