[IGN-3868] 8.1.3 Perspective Dropdown Style

Has anybody encountered perspective dropdowns not respecting the applied style when the component is not enabled?
For any element state on the style class the dropdown text will default to a grey color.

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I'm having the same issue

Could you provide some more insight into the exact setup of your Dropdown? When I apply a color to my Dropdown option text (as well as the color of the Dropdown at Dropdown.props.style.color) and then examine the Dropdown and its options while disabled, all styling appears correct.

    "type": "ia.input.dropdown",
    "version": 0,
    "props": {
      "value": "one",
      "options": [
          "value": "one",
          "label": "one"
          "value": "two",
          "label": "two",
          "isDisabled": true
      "enabled": false,
      "style": {
        "color": "#2EFA2C"
      "dropdownOptionStyle": {
        "fontStyle": "italic",
        "color": "#FB4E4E"
    "meta": {
      "name": "Dropdown"
    "position": {
      "x": 409,
      "y": 48,
      "height": 36,
      "width": 256
    "custom": {}

Disabled Dropdown:

Disabled option:

My options are populated from a named query, so it's just a dataset. I'm using a style class that has a 'disabled' Element State defined, so I would expect that it would use that when the control is disabled.

Ah, I don't that's going to work because of how CSS determines whether something is "enabled". I'm pretty sure "enabled" is something that only <input> elements emit and/or are checked against, and so styling based on enabled state would only be applied to the input of the Dropdown; as the options are <div> elements, they would be ignored.

Modify your Dataset used to populate the options to have three columns: label, value, and isDisabled (case-sensitive). As soon as I created a Dataset with this shape I got the desired behavior. The B option is disabled - it's just very subtle.

That's what I figured but thanks for confirming. I can do some scripting on the dataset change to build the options dictionary the way you show it.

Ok, I made the code changes to set the options as an array and it does not do what I want. I think that maybe I didn't do a good job describing my problem.
The issue I have is that when the component is disabled, it does not follow the 'disabled' Element State option set in the style class as the other controls do. For example:
I want a disabled dropdown to display light text on a dark background (see SAP Formula Id). With the same style class selected, I get black text on a dark background (Active Recipes).

Ah, the Dropdown itself has a longstanding issue with how it applies style classes. I'll make a note on the ticket that it continues to be a problem.

Thanks! I appreciate your help

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