[IGN-3877] Perspective Workstation Report Download

There seems to be a difference in the behavior of the download button on the report viewer based on if you are running Chrome or Perspective Workstation. If you click download in chrome it automatically downloads the pdf to you download location no questions asked. Not ideal, but usable. When using perspective workstation, a save file dialog box pops up allowing the user to specify a name and a location to save the file. Unfortunately, the dialog box seems to not be aware that it is saving a pdf. the user has to add .pdf to the end of the file name. Is there a way that workstation can pass the file type to the save dialog?

This should be a setting in the browser; both FF and Chrome let you choose a download strategy per file/MIME type.

Technically it does, but the ‘default’ download callback implementation from JxBrowser doesn’t pay attention to the file extension. That seems like an easy enough request to add; I’ll see about a ticket.

Wanted to follow up on this and see if any progress had been made?

No, nothing yet. It’s still sitting in our backlog.

@PGriffith is this still open?

No change since my last post.

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