[IGN-406] Perspective File Upload Component - Enabled

Does anyone know of a way to disable the perspective file upload component based on some type of expression? I have an instance where the user needs to enter a certain property before being allowed to upload a file. There doesn’t seem to be an “enabled” property for this component which I find unusual?

We have an open feature request to provide props.enabled as a property for the component. There is no way currently to disabled the component, though you are able to prevent any supplied files from being uploaded by constructing your own conditions in the onFileReceived Event.

Good to know. For now I just dropped it in a view component and bound the visibility. Not a perfect solution but it will work for now.

As of v8.1.17 I still don’t see an enabled property. Since I can’t find an idea post on Ignition Features and Ideas | Inductive Automation, please consider this a vote for this as a useful feature.

We’ll implement a workaround in a similar way, but it would be nice if we could handle the case where we’re not yet ready for an upload a bit more gracefully.