[IGN-4307]Project Security - Cant launch perspective project from Gateway or open in the designer

Hi all, I am having difficulty accessing a project on my gateway, here is the background…

I have received a gateway backup from a client and restored it on a clean VM with Windows 10.

The gateway has two projects, for two areas of the clients plant. I can see both projects in the Config > Projects menu and both have the exact same settings and connections defined.

However, in the Home > perspective session launcher I can only see one project, and when I load the designer and try to open the project I get the message “You don’t have permission to open this project.”

So it seems though there is some additional security settings defined somewhere outside the Gateway users / roles. Is it possible the project has security settings defined inside the designer that can only be accessed from the designer? i.e the security settings are not visible from the gateway? is there anyway to circumvent or reset this and gain access the project?

Yes, this is a known issue. Unfortunately, there’s no great workarounds. What you can do is manually remove the ‘global-props’ folder (in the ignition directory in the project) and wait 5 minutes/restart the gateway. You will lose any of the ‘global’ properties of the project (tag provider, authentication provider, etc), but will be able to log in.

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