IGN-4431 - GAN : Remote Alarm Journal or Remote History Provider - no Store and Forward mechanism?

When we use Remote Alarm Journal or Remote History Provider, could you confirm that the data are lost if the remote gateway is not reachable when the data are produced on the source gateway ?

Gateway Area Network have no sort of “Store and Forward” mechanism ?
If it’s the case, as a feature request, It would be usefull to have such of mechanism !

@mazeyrat, using Remote History Provider will create a local S&F cache so you should be good there. We do have a feature request in the queue for adding the S&F functionality to Remote Alarm Journal and Remote Audit Profile–these do not currently utilize S&F queues in Ignition Standard/Full edition.

Note that Ignition Edge Sync Services do have S&F across all three–it just isn’t available yet in Standard edition.

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