[IGN-4469] Gateway log line numbers missing?

This week we upgraded a gateway from 8.1.9 to 8.1.10. Since then, when an error shows up in the logs (gateway>system tab>Logs), the line number(s) is/are no longer included in the error. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a new setting to turn this on/off?

It does look like there is a difference in log reporting… I created an example Timer script on both 8.1.7 and 8.1.9:

def foo():
	raise Exception("bar")

… which produced the following outputs:

I’ll create a ticket for this, thank you for the observation and report!

Same for me, in case you need more numbers to get more attention for this. It’s pretty annoying…

Is there any indication of when this might be fixed? If not, can I back up to 8.1.9 by just running that installer on my 8.1.10 gateway? Thanks

No, there’s no timeline for the fix, although we’re aware of it and prioritizing it fairly high.
‘Downgrading’ is generally not a safe operation; the officially recommended strategy is to have a gateway backup from before the upgrade in case you roll back.
This forum has some posts describing the manual downgrade process if you look, but it’s a process that may work or may not, and leave you in a worse state than you were. Perform at your own risk.

Fortunately this is my test server. I can start using my production server instead, which is at 8.0.12 right now.

So, just to make sure, I think what I should do is:

  • Do a gateway backup of the 8.1.10 test machine
  • Upgrade the 8.0.10 prod machine to 8.1.7
  • Restore backup from 8.1.10 to 8.1.7

Then, to get my test server back where it should be:

  • Uninstall Ignition from server
  • Install 8.1.7 Ignition
  • Restore backup from above


This is going to be rejected unless you take extra steps, which I’d recommend against, as mentioned above.
You can do it, by ‘hacking’ up the gateway backup a bit, but I have no idea what might break.

ok, understood, thanks

I see this didn’t get fixed in 8.1.11. Has a timeline been established on this yet? The lack of line numbers significantly impacts troubleshooting (especially when debugging a new system). Will we have to wait for 8.1.13 at this point at best?

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We don’t guarantee fixes or features to specific versions (see: the release train) but there has been movement on this ticket; it could happen by 8.1.12.

Per the 8.1.12 release notes, this has been fixed. I will be checking soon.

Yes, I just noticed that myself. Thanks so much for checking back.