[IGN-4477] Perspective Password Expiry Redirect Issue

Hello, we recently had our first password expiry occur in our Ignition 8.0.9 gateway. Perspective users trying to login were not redirected to the password reset page, only told their passwords were not valid and denied access. Is there a setting or something that is required for perspective logins to redirect properly for password updates? I figured out that I had to have them to to the main gateway URL and reset it there, then go back to the perspective project URL to login to the session. We are currently using the internal ‘default’ provider. Eventually we’ll move to our Azure AD for SSO, but that’s months away, so I’d like to sort this one out.


This is something I would like to know. I was testing this out and they never were redirected to a password reset page.

The internal Ignition IdP does not yet support password reset for users who have expired passwords. I’ve filed an internal ticket to add this feature and have linked it with this forum thread so we know to reply back when the ticket is complete.

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Is there any updates on having this feature added? Currently if a user’s password expires the user is locked out with no way for the user to get logged into the system without an administrator resetting their password. This is unacceptable on a SCADA control system.

It looks like some of the design work has been done and it’s on a sprint backlog, but it hasn’t been picked up yet. Can’t say for certain how long it will be until it’s implemented.

You can set Password Max Age to 0 in the meantime to disable expiration. Or continue to have an admin reset it. Your call.