[IGN-4477] Perspective User Password Reset


First off, I’m enjoying perspective - I can see myself getting very deep into it very quickly.

I had a question about when a user forgets their password. For a project that requires the user to log in to see anything, how would they request a password reset via Perspective?

Is there a way to get a “Forgotten Password?” option on the sign in page that I’ve missed somewhere?

I’m talking specifically when met with these screens:

As of right now, no - ALL credentials are managed by the Gateway admin, which means that if a user forgets their password then they must have the Gateway admin reset their password to something new.

We do plan on fleshing out and maturing the credential system, but it most likely will not be until 8.1

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Understood, thanks for the response

@cmallonee, is there any update on this since we’re now well into 8.1?

There’s a ticket for this feature in our system, but it’s still in the feasibility phase to determine if we can and should do it. I would not expect it anytime soon.

Any progress on this feature?


Yes, there has been progress, but it has not been completed yet.

This should now be available in the nightlies.

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Could you please share a link to this?

What do you want a link to?


  • Users can now reset their passwords through the internal IdP when their passwords have expired.

Thanks, The original question was if a user could reset a forgotten password on their own via a password reset request, looks like that is not available correct?