[IGN-4628]Changing parameter bindings for table named query in one window is changing it in another?

Using 7.9.9.

I have two windows with a table that calls the same named query. One is personalized for the current users records like a personalized dashboard, and the second one is to view all records with filtering.

I already did this one to myself once but just to make sure I am not losing my mind
Personalized Dashboard table query and bindings

I now closed this window. Now in my Status Entries window the parameters got changed to what they were on my Personalized dashboard somehow, so I just changed them to this

I closed the window, reopened up Personalized Dashboard window, and yup, everything is now what I set the other NQ parameters to for some reason (except for hotTopic for some reason).

I know I am calling the same NQ in different places but with different parameters which is the whole point of the NQ that I can query the same data with different params.

Is this a known bug? If so in what version was it fixed? I am going to tell them they need to upgrade because I cannot finish the project, my work just keeps overwriting for this part.

Just found a third window where I use the NQ in a table for summary purposes and it too had it's parameters changed. I didn't have this one open at any point during my other changes.

Yes, this is 100% a known and fixed bug.

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Ok good. I have a great reason to tell them to upgrade to the latest 7.9.X then.

:grimacing: Known bug... thought it was fixed, but I see an active report for something very similar in 8.1.10 that's not yet fixed.

Seems to be the name being the same between queries.

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Well I guess I am going to have to use regular sql bindings in the interim. Actually I'll probably just use a function to generate the sql and return the dataset for now my own hacky NQ lol.

FWIW I updated to 7.9.21 and the issue seemed to resolve itself? I didn't even have to change anything. It seems like those overwrites were superficial or something, but once I updated to 7.9.21, the windows where the parameters seemed to be overwritten were back to their original values.