[IGN-4643]Global Expressions and Perspective Transforms

It feels like I am using the same expressions and perspective transforms over and over again. It has been okay through the use templates and the “copy binding” function. However, if a modification needs to be made globally I have to track down every instance and modify it. Some examples of a modifications to expressions and perspective transforms are as follows: color choice, bug fixes, error handling, adding options, etc.

With scripting we can create a global script (with the Project Library). I can’t seem to find a way to do it with global expressions and global perspective transforms. Does anyone have suggestions for something like this?

Note, there is a request for this feature, but it hasn’t seemed to gain much traction yet:


We didn’t update the ideas portal link, but this is an idea that made it into our internal tracking system. No progress yet, but it is something we’re considering.


I was actually thinking about this the other day as well. I have a lot of places I use the same map transform to map to an array of style classes, and it would be awesome if I could define this once and link to it everywhere I need it

This is a great idea. I'm happy it's on "the list".