[IGN-4671]Random Component Name Error in Vision Client

Hi everyone,

I keep getting this random error on a vision client. It seems to occur after the vision has sat idle for awhile, or when logging back into the machine where a vision client session is still active (e.g. user still logged in). It doesn’t seem to be harmful, but it is annoying to wake a computer up and see ~1500 errors in a vision client.

The error is:
Component name 'null' is invalid, it is either non-unique, reserved, or has an illegal character.

Picture attached here, no additional details that I could find.


Make sure you don’t have any component names accidentally bound to a tag - because tag reads are async now, it’s more likely that you’ll get a null value for some period of time on window load.


I don’t think that that is the case, but if it was, I would of expected to see an error every so often, but not 1500 of them all at once.

I will give the application a more thorough look to see if that is the reason though. But from a first glance at our current screen and components, I don’t think that happened. Could there be another cause?

Is there a way to get more detailed information or error log on this if it happens so I can pinpoint where it is coming from?

That error message only occurs once in the code (when a component rename event fires) and it’s not new in 8 - I’ve seen it encountered in 7.9, and in all cases, it was due to a binding directly on the name property.
If you shift -> right click a window that you know it’s occured on, I can take a look - it’s sometimes easier to find rogue bindings via text editor, rather than clicking through a complicated window.

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shift -> right click in the designer or client?

In the designer I see tag diagnostics which doesn’t point anything out for the main screen and 3 side bars present, and the client just lets me close the main window if i want to.

Would you export this to a .zip file and look for it that way?

Shift right click the window object in the project browser - my fault, I wasn’t very clear. You’ll see an option at the bottom to ‘Copy XML to Clipboard’ - that raw XML is different from any other representation of the window you’re going to see, and the only one that will actually give you a chance to see what it contains.

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Alright, here we go! There are 4 windows that were open, a top, side, and bottom nav, and a main window. I doubt it’s coming from the main window since this happens on other windows, so it would have to come from one of the consistent nav areas.

Main Window:
Current Main Window.txt (3.9 KB)

Bottom Nav:
Bottom Nav.txt (18.8 KB)

Top Nav:
Top Nav.txt (24.8 KB)

Side Nav:
Side Nav.txt (11.1 KB)

I didn’t know you could get XML from shift-clicking a window, pretty neat! I’m going to take a look myself as well.

Hi @roger_larson,

Are you still seeing this issue? We didn’t find anything on our end.

Hey - yeah we are still seeing it. The main problem is that we can’t identify where it is coming from if it is on our side.


Hi Roger, could you email an export of your project to support@inductiveautomation.com? In the email, please reference this post and include a list of open windows when the error is thrown. Thanks!

Did you guys find a solution for this issue? I am facing exactly the same problem.

Every single case of this I’ve ever seen has been tied to a binding on the name property of some component, somewhere. If you can’t track it down, I would recommend getting in contact with support.

I am experiencing this same error. Multiple dissimilar projects. Can not find any cases of bound component names. No issues before updating from 7.9.13 to 8.0.7. The errors are triggered when I disconnect from a remote connection to the Ignition client PC using NetSupport Manager v12.70.2 or v12.50.3 or v11.00.5.


Dear All,

     I have encounter with that exactly the same symptom, with  "Roger_larson".

Could any one help me to fix it.

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That happens when someone binds component name as part of some designer automation brainstorm. Don’t do that.

Dear pturmel

       I'm still doubt on that describe about "binds component name as part of some designer automation brainstorm". Could you see in picture is that the case or not.![Component%20error|690x376](upload://nfLEZM27EkFwpPT5iQpyaNDE9fm.png) 

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The error doesn’t correspond to that binding. Look for bindings to any component’s name–that would change the name of the component. Whether in a window or in a template.

I can replicate it on a brand new project with a single component placed on a window and left at default. It can be caused by conditions within the client PC. The number of faults triggered corresponds with the number of components on the window.

I can make the fault occur by connecting to the client remotely with Net Support Manager software (multiple versions) and cannot replicated the same with Ignition v7.9.


I can confirm what Tim is writing. After a lot of investigation and support from Inductive we found that it was when we connected remote to the clients using SSCM we got this error. So, there must be something in the java provided with I8 that really dislikes remote connections that shadows the client. Remote desktop works fine for us.

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I believe I have also found this error on a client’s Ignition 8 system using SSCM for remote management, I am looking into confirming and making sure there are no bound components. Has any progress been made on how/why this is occurring and any fix?

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