[IGN-4778] Session expired due to inactivity

Hi guys, I hope you are cheerful today.
When a project has an inactive time period set and a session has expired.
Can we have in the blue screen 'session closed' instead of a 'launch gateway' a 'refresh' button... on that lovely blue screen?
Why should the operator go to the gateway page???

//maybe this is dumb question for you, but I am doing projects for full screen browser on touch screen, where one click is preferable to multiple clicks.

session closed

We have an open ticket to remove the "Launch Gateway" button from all Terminal State pages as part of the Project Properties (or potentially a session property), but adding a refresh button is something we would need to examine internally as it would be a large effort, and would likely only be for this particular Terminal State Page.

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Good. Thanks!
For me a 'refresh' button when operator has full screen on a touch screen is the best solution.
Think about it.