[IGN-4907] UDT Instance reporting "Parent data type has a configuration error" when non are present


Shown above is a screenshot of the error I’m seeing. However, when I look at the ModuleState definition, everything is fine and the Diagnostics tab says “Tag definition valid?” is true.

@md.szyman did you ever find a resolution to this? I just came across the same thing for one of my UDT’s, but can’t find what it doesn’t like. I’m using 8.0.9 Edge.

Nope. As far as I know this is still happening but it doesn’t seem to be actually causing anything to break.

I think I may have figured it out! I created another UDT from scratch thinking that was the issue, beings this was brought in from a 7.9 project originally. However, the new one didn’t show the error, because I added a 2 on the end to keep both revisions.

Got me to thinking tho, that my UDT “Instance” had the same name as the UDT. Sure enough when I renamed my new instance with a 2 on the end, it showed the same error. I’m guessing in your case, your “Instance” is called “ModuleState”? Would think if you renamed the instance, or the UDT, the error would go away, but I think you’re right, it doesn’t break anything, just a nuisance warning.


Ahhh, yep! That must be it. My instance is, in fact, named ModuleState. I have other UDT instances that aren’t the same name as their UDT, and the error doesn’t occur with them. That definitely seems to be causing the bug!

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This bug is still present in 8.0.9, thanks for providing the answer tashby :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’m still seeing it in 8.0.12 too. I’ve been scratching my head on this one for a while and just decided to see if I could find resolution. Sure enough, it just seems to be a nuisance error.

This bug is still present in 8.0.14. I have a UDT called ‘Node_Info’ and several folders labeled 1 through 8 in my tag structure. In each tag structure I created a new instance of ‘Node_Info’ called ‘Node_Info’. If I change the instance name to something else the error goes away. Probably the best solution would be to rename my UDT to ‘UDT_Node_Info’… but i’m not sure what that will break in the project at this point. If it’s a nuisance error i’m inclined to let it be.

Hi, is present too on 8.1.14 .

Searching solution…

This is a known issue on our backlog, but hasn’t yet been picked up to be fixed.


like suggested, only way was to change name of UDT