[IGN-5158] Perspective Table Column Flex Width

In 8.1.10, I am seeing some crazy behavior with the alignment when using the flex alignment. Ex setting column width to an int value like a flex container. Is this no longer supported?


Hey Ryan,

I was a bit worried when I saw your post as I was planning un updating to 8.1.10 this week.

But, upon testing it, I am not seeing this issue and I’m using column widths across all columns in our table template.

How do you have yours configured exactly?

I’m using plain ints in the width parameter.

So, I might have 4 columns with the following width | 1 | 2 | 4 | 1 |


can you show the properties of the column in question?
or even better paste the whole componet in here

I’m trying to replicate it in a self contained manner and narrow down a cause that doesn’t use one of our internal queries for data. It happens across multiple columns and across multiple tables in different projects, only common thread I can find thus far is that the width property is set.

It also seems to not show up in the designer if I “touch” any of the table config, but the issue persists in runtime… still narrowing that down too.

Here is another example

I just tested this in the designer and in runtime and I’m not seeing this occur.

is your data prop special in anyway? Do you have any special styles applied to the table and/or the cells?

In all cases I am seeing it the data prop is bound to a Named Query. Almost nothing special defined outside the column names and widths.

Its getting even weirder… I just saved in the designer and the client auto-reloaded and the alignment was still off, but then I manually refreshed the page and the alignment of the columns is good. I might have to give a call into support later for them to look, behavior is all over the place for me to track down.

Yeah that might be for the best. That behavior seems really bizarre!

Worked with support and identified the bug. It is very specific to using flex widths with a named query on the data binding. An odd workaround is to set the width values to a string rather than an int.