[IGN-5185] XY Chart Component > X Axes > Appearance > Labels > wrap not found

In the ignition manual here it says under the labels property should be 4 values: “color”, “opacity”, “wrap”, “rotation”. On component creation only the first 2 are showing and I’m trying to add wrap to the label text so they don’t collide into each other on the chart. When I add the wrap value manually, I get the following error when I hover over it:

“xAxes[0].appearance.labels.wrap: is not defined in the schema and additional properties are not allowed.”

This is on Perspective version 8.1.11.

If this is posted in the wrong spot or formatted incorrectly please let me know, sorry in advance!

It looks like rotation and wrap do not work here

Rotation and wrap should both work, despite the overzealous warning from the schema.

EDIT: There might be a bug with wrap, but both props are supposed to be valid and work.

I am using ignition 8.1.17 and here the wrap property is also missing. i have added it and set it to true. But i cannot see any effect of that. So does the wrap function still has a bug or am i doing something wrong?
Rotating the label here is not realy the best choice for me, since my graph is feed with differents data sources and rotate is not always needed.

Hey sorry for the late reply, I can't remember the dataset I was using to test the wrap but I just tried on 8.1.21 and that error I was getting before isn't showing anymore. Are you still seeing an error in the property editor? I'm going to try and create long enough axes values to cause a wrap in the meantime

I'm on 8.1.27 and finding that wrap only works if xAxes[0].appearance.inside = True. The wrap behaviour isn't great though - it seems to always force it to a single character per line. Is there any way to control the width at which the label wraps?