[IGN-5210]Input Text Field - Auto adding quotes

When typing into a Text Field the resulting string always populates with quotes around it in the tag. If we enter the values directionally in the tag it does not do this. How can we prohibit the " " from auto adding?

Text Entered Directly through Tag Browser ( This what we want):
image (11)

Text Entered through Input Text Field:
image (12)

This is just a bug. What version of Ignition are you using?

Thank you for the Quick Response! We have seen this originally on 8.1.11 currently we are on 8.1.14

Hm; it’s just a regular string tag? Can you show some screenshots of how you have the bindings, etc set up?
The bug I thought this was is fixed in 8.1.6; there’s a related issue we’re aware of, but it only affects string parameters of UDTs.

This is a UDT parameter. We are binding it through indirect tagging

Well, that explains it, unfortunately.

I don’t have a timeline on a fix, but I’ll attach this thread to our internal ticket so we can circle back once it’s fixed.

Thank you!

Any update on when this might be fixed in a future release?

This issue has been fixed for 8.1.17.

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