[IGN-5251] Clicking on popup title resets `params` to those originally passed in


I seem to recall something on here potentially relating to this, so this topic might be a duplicate / may have already been fixed.

I have a popup to show operation action log entries (i.e. filtered audit log)

The icon on the right of the base tag path (is firstly the wrong icon…) is used to “go up a folder” which removes the last folder from the tag path stored in params.tagPath. However when I click on the title of the popup, this param is reset back to its original value.

i.e. if i pass in:
params.tagPath = 'tag/folder/thing/pump'

Click on the up folder icon, it will change this to:
params.tagPath = 'tag/folder/thing'

Then click on popup title it goes back to:
params.tagPath = 'tag/folder/thing/pump'

Fixed in 8.1.14.

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