[IGN-5285] Case sensitivity in User Grant

First time here setting up security for a perspective application. I’ve created a ‘Security Level’ specifically for this site, and used the User Grants feature to assign AD users to that level. This works for most users.

Problem I’m having is that users are assigned AD usernames as E123456. Our AD system isn’t case sensitive, so that user can login as E123456 or e123456.

When I try to setup a User Grant though, the user is locked out if they use the incorrect case. Any ideas?

This looks like a bug to me. User grants by username should treat the username as case-insensitive, while grants by ID should be case-sensitive. I’ll write up a ticket to address this issue.

As a workaround: you could write security level rules to grant security levels to users based on their case-insensitive username. More cumbersome to setup, but it should help workaround the issue until we fix this.

thanks for checking into it for me! I’ll just tell the users to use upper case for now. In case it helps, the user that was using the wrong case appeared to be authenticating properly, but then since his username didn’t ‘match’ a user grant, it showed the page as forbidden.

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