[IGN-5540] Perspective Table renders this.props.data[0] datetime value as text in props.selection.data[0]

The table has props.data like so

I am trying to call a pop-up and I need to use the timeE field as a param in it.

But when I use the props.selected.data[0] to pass the info in its structure is in text.

I realize I can use the index of the selected row and get from there and that is what I am doing. But, what if I needed multiple rows. Shouldn’t it come through as a DateTime value?

I’m experiencing this issue in 8.1.6; is this still present in 8.1.10?
props.selected.data is rendering dates as strings.



Did anyone find a fix for this? I’m having the same issue here and it is keeping my update query from functioning

That shouldn’t be happening. I’ve opened an internal ticket to address the issue, but I have no timeframe for a fix.

No worries! I did a workaround by adding another column with the date in millis and hid it. Then when passing the selection I had access to that which came over as an int just fine.

Seems like an easy workaround for now.