[IGN-5688] V 7.9.18 Gateway Alarming Folder gone

I just upgraded an Ignition Installation from 7.9.9 to 7.9.18.
I had a tag that showed Active alarms, but tag is broken after upgrade.
Noticed the the System/Gateway folder for Alarming is gone:


Partial license?

Are there any errors in the wrapper.log during startup of the gateway after the upgrade? Does a subsequent restart of the gateway still have those folders missing?

Partial license is due to Omron PLC driver in trial for testing connectivity to an Omron PLC before upgrading license

I’ve been able to reproduce this issue locally and we’re investigating it… It seems that an “Error loading persistent alarm information from disk” may appear in the logs on initial [post-upgrade] gateway startup. A subsequent restart of the gateway should see those system tag provider folders return.

OK Thanks.
Next time I am back at customer’s location will give that a try.

Just an update on this issue. It has been fixed and will be included in the 7.9.19 release.