[IGN-5771]New Pages added to parent project are not pushed to Inheriting Project

I created an inheritable “Master” Project and added a number of Perspective Pages to it. Then I created a non-inheritable “Child” project which inherits from Master. The Child project contains all the Pages present in Master as expected, but then I added more Pages to Master and those additional pages do not get pushed to Child.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

Note that I can add Views to Master and they do get pushed to Child as expected… just the new Pages do not.

The Page Configuration is its own resource which belongs to each project.

Ignition (Perspective) inheritance functions as

  1. Use all of my parent’s resources.
  2. now use all of my resources, and in the event I have a resource named the same as my parent, use mine instead.

This is how the override system works. But… your Page Configuration resource shares the same name as your parent project, so it’s being used instead.

I experienced that lately and I whished I had a way to re-sync children with the parent.
Is that something you could think of implementing ? Maybe just a button to force an update, something like that ?

Yes, we have a ticket pending to do exactly that. Inheritance for ‘singleton’ resources like this is very confusing, unfortunately.