[IGN-5807]Perspective DatetimeInput component's Time entry field - weird behaviour

I am using Ignition 8.1.17, I am not sure if this is a bug.

With DateTimeInput component in perspective, the time fields allows user to directly enter values for both hour and minute. But the way it behaves when user enters a value is weird.

If an user wishes to input 57 in minute field, they should struggle for sometime, esp. when they have to correct something it becomes even hard.
without spinner typing a value into this field is so weird.

Is this behaviour normal ?


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I experience the same thing on a regular basis. Inputting things in datetime inputs can be quite frustrating. That's also true for the input on the powerchart or pretty much anything that has a time input field. I can't make sense of what is actually going on when typing digits in one of these fields.

I think, we should report this as a bug.

I talked to some folks on the Perspective team; they're aware of this behavior and are already tracking it as a bug internally.

Great, Thanks.