[IGN-5854]Pending Records and other tags missing from Ignition Edge Store and Forward

Any reason why Ignition Edge isn’t receiving the love it deserves for Store and Forward metrics? Edge is missing pending records tags.

Ignition Store and Forward metrics page showing Local Cache pending

Tags for Ignition StoreAndForward metrics which includes Local Cache “PendingRecords” tag

Edge Store and forward metrics page showing Local Storage pending

Tags for Ignition Edge StoreAndForward metrics (only shows Memory Buffer info…where are the “PendingRecords” and other associated tags?)

You don’t get those other diagnostic metrics because they’re not there. Edge’s “store and forward” uses a different mechanism than standard S+F; it’s “sinking” data directly into a local SQLite file, rather than the multi-stage memory buffer → HSQL disk cache → actual DB pipeline that’s used for “standard” S+F.

Yea, I knew it is different by design…but the web page does show a status of number of records pending. It would be great to get that info as a tag or metric that is available at the central server so we can alarm and have someone look into why the queue is so high. Technically, if the gateway connection is there, then it should be pumping records…but sometimes a few sites take a VERY long time to reduce this number down despite having good network speeds or signal strength.

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