[IGN-6019]Perspective DateTime Picker Component - multiple date selection?

Is there a reason that the Perspective DateTime Picker component does not allow selection of multiple dates? It would be nice if it could be configured to return a range of dates similar to how the history range selector on the Power Chart works.

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The DateTime Picker Component is only designed to select a single date. However, with only a little bit of work you should be able to make something with similar functionality. You could either use two DateTime Picker components side by side, or place two DateTime Picker components on top of each other and add a toggle to determine which one you are selecting from.

Sure, there are many ways to manually configure a view to select two separate dates. It just seems a little strange that we should have to at all when a modified version of this already exists within some of the chart components, like the Power Chart:

And let’s be honest, I think the end user experience of the IA designed component above is much nicer than what I could create myself. :slight_smile:


Honestly, that does sound like a pretty good feature request. If you are interested, you could make a feature request here.

Looks like there already is a feature request for this:

I guess I’ll add my vote to it and see if it gets picked up.