[IGN-6037] Contextual Find/Replace in Views unexpected behaviour


If you select multiple Views and right click on them and select Find/Replace in child Views, it doesn't work in a few scenarios:

  • you have any of the selected Views open (the tool first expands and selects all components of all selected Views that are open, then it selects all of the components in the last opened View)
  • you select another View while the Find/Replace tool is still open (then it just searches within that View, as long as you have the View selected and not a component within the View; the latter will search nothing and return no results whatever you search for)

See below. Look for the START and END text markers at the bottom to denote start and end of the gif.

v8.1.21_Designer_Context Find Replace Bug

The issue here is that the contextual find/replace tool is still using the live currently selected Views/components to process, instead of capturing the selected Views at the time of invoking it and using that list.

Hello nminchin,

Thank you for your post a bug ticket has been created to address this issue. This post has been added to the internal bug ticket to increase its visibility.