[IGN-6089]Binding map transform output type expression

I am playing around with a binding and using map transform. I changed the output type from value to expression and entered an expression of:

'something', 'somethingElse')

If I apply and hit OK it doesn’t save, it reverts back to the original value I started with. The UI allows an if statement. Is this a bug?


I can’t use an expression like that on an expression embedded in a map transform but I’m not sure that’s actually the way to do what you’re trying to do.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Just playing around with them. But here is a use case, if I want to set a style (CSS variable) depending on a value and one of those values needs to use a flasher. So,
0 = --variable1
1 = --variable2
2 = needs to flash based on a global tag, if false then --variable3 if true then variable4

The idea is the client doesn’t like style class animations in that they are separate instances, they would like everything to flash or blink in unison.

I think the bug here is that the table doesn’t commit the edit on focus loss, so if you directly hit ok/apply without stopping the cell edit, you lose your changes.
E.G here I’ve changed my return to be something3:

But the change doesn’t apply until I confirm with enter:

Yep, thank you. It’s weird but at least doable.