[IGN-6157] Perspective Dropdown Max Row Count

Is there a way to change the max row count on a perspective dropdown like you can in vision?

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@jlandwerlen, there isn’t a way to do this at the moment. The height of the dropdown options is fixed. I can open a feature request to expose this through the component properties.

Thank you, I would appreciate that.

Any progress on this request?

The feature is still awaiting incubation, where we define exactly how it will work. We can’t begin development until that process is complete.

unless of course you (by which I mean we, the consumer) “fix” it in CSS :slight_smile:

.iaDropdownCommon_options_modal { max-height: 80% !important; }

@cmallonee any news about this feature request ?

in 8.1.22, css overload to change the dropdown height have no effect ?

The feature is still awaiting incubation, so it's still going to be some time.

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In 8.1.22, I was successful adding the following to the new stylesheet.css feature.

.ia_dropdown__optionsModal {
height: 300px;

You can also use other units like %