[IGN-6269]Importing query tags in 8.1 strips quotes


we are facing a very painful issue when importing query tags from 7.9 to 8.1 (tested on 8.1.13 and 8.1.16). If the query contains quotes around parameters, e.g.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = '{[.]Line}'

The quotes got stripped in 8.1, resulting in:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = {[.]Line}

which results in an Error_ExpressionEval for the tag.

This behaviour replicates either in interactive import or direct import, regardless if I’m overwriting a tag/udt or if I am creating them anew.

Additionally, this behaviour seems to happen also if we restore a gateway backup from 7.9 to 8.1. All UDTs containing query tags get their quotes stripped.

I couldn’t find anything on the forum, but it is quite annoying and potentially project breaking for those who have to maintain 7.9 and 8.1 projects with the same UDTs.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

@riccardo.giampaolo, This is an issue I came across yesterday as well and have a ticket created for. Unfortunately there isn’t an easy work around at this point as the problem is with the export file itself, but it will be prioritized to be fixed as the issue still happens in 8.1.

There are two options for you going forward:

  1. Wait until we get a fix in place, setup a test instance, restore a backup to the test instance and export the tags.
  2. Modify the export file you have to add escaped quotes to queries that are missing them. You can narrow down the rows that need to be update by searching for name="Expression". " or ' will need to be added to the queries that are missing the values.


Hey @ggross , thanks for the quick feedback. Sad to hear this is indeed an internal issue, and a bit surprised it didn’t come up earlier. I kinda hoped I was doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Hope it will be solved soon. Cheers.

@riccardo.giampaolo I added a little more information to the original post. Hopefully it might help you get something working.


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@riccardo.giampaolo, I just want to follow up on how you are running into this issue. Are you exporting tags from an 8.x version of Ignition or a 7.x version? We look to only be able to replicate this when the export is created from 8.x versions so I wanted to confirm that is also what you are seeing.


Hello, sorry for the late feedback, traveling around these days.

I encountered the issue while exporting tags from a 7.9.16 instance, and importing them into an 8.1.13 one through normal tags import/export procedure.
Additionally, the problem present itself when taking a 7.9.16 full gateway backup, and restoring this backup into an 8.1.13.

Hope this helps.