[IGN-6331] Perspective Video Player and Inline Frame No "skipping"

Building a video player project in Ignition. Load the data from SQL view a get webdev resource file. Pretty basic setup. However, a quite large issue I've been unable to resolve is the ability to skip around the video in either the inline frame or video player component once. It is either skip back to the start of the video or continue watching. The video is completely loaded.

I'm in 8.1.21. I found a reference in another topic suggesting this might be a bug? Below is the link:

[IGN-6331] Perspective Video Player Start from Beginning - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

Thanks for any help. I'm pretty new to perspective so I might be misunderstanding something.

The inability to seek/scrub to a previous point-in-time is a known issue. For future reference, you should comment on the thread you already identified to inquire as to whether or not the issue has been resolved. In general, we try to update threads as issues are resolved, but sometimes we miss links or forget. We don't have anyone whose sole purpose is to update the forums, so it's up to the developer or QA to look for associated/linked posts.

Thanks. I was digging through the changelog, is this something that will be addressed in the next minor release?

Certainly not the next release. It's on our (long) list of bugs to fix. We don't guarantee bugfixes to certain versions.

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