[IGN-6409] Designer can't connect to the gateway (INCOMPATIBLE)?

I tried download ignition on my laptop (win 11) but the Designer can’t connect to the gateway

Two things:

  1. If you examine the Status > Overview page, what do you see for Version?
  2. Please verify the Gateway from your screenshot is indeed the gateway found at localhost:8088.

If you see anything other than “8.X.XX” (where the “X” placeholders are actual numbers) or “Dev version”, then something is very wrong with your setup. I’m inclined to think there is some sort of localization problem with your configuration, because your trial timer is very broken.

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To add to what Cody is asking for, can you visit http://localhost:8088/system/gwinfo in your browser and reply with the contents?


It’s was localhost:8088 … I removed 8.1.19 and install 8.1.20 then worked fine. Thanks everyone

This after I install 8.1.20 and worked, I don’t know if this the optimal solution but I share for the community.

We would have preferred to have had the output from 8.1.19 so that we could investigate how you got into that state.

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I reinstall 8.1.19 gateway for further investigation, the same happened again, I will upload some snaps

I can clearly see something wrong with the declared version in the provided screenshot. Do you have any localization applied on your system? The launcher is looking at the value for version and since the Launcher knows it only works with versions which begin with an “8”, it is “correctly” claiming incompatibility. The issue is with the Gateway - not the Launcher.

It is interesting that this occurs in 8.1.19 but not 8.1.20, but I don’t often work in this area of the application so I don’t have very good insight into what could have changed. I’ll point this out to some other team members and hope that one of them can provide better insight.

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I will try few ways and I’ll share the findings

I found the issue and the solution, it was from the window OS, I did upgrade from win 10 to 11 there were some issues regrading the numbers and language. >> I download the win 11 English version and reinstall it >> then problem solved. I will share the snaps for the community for anyone faced the same issue.

It’s working now perfectly fine with 8.1.19