[IGN-6443] changeNotification logger is spamming Gateway logs

java.lang.NullPointerException: null

Flooded with this error in the logs. No sure what is the issue here. Help?

Without more insight into what is logging the error we won't be able to help you. Which logger is logging this? Is there any magnifying glass or + icon at the right side of the logged exception? What do you see when you expand it?

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Hi Thanks
Its logging from the Diagnostic logs.

Logger: changeNotification
Message: Error notifying tag structure change.
And when I expanded the Error: it gives me "java.lang.NullPointerException: null"

Ah, this is a known issue, introduced sometime between 8.1.13 and 8.1.18. We have an open ticket to identify the cause and fix it, but work has not yet started.

Ah cool. I wonder if restarting he gateway is going to resolve this (well at least for temporary) ?
I could test it, but too risky to restart the gw now as it is a production server, need to find a good time to do it

I dont know if this is going to be helpful or not.
but my deleted UDT folder called as "RA_SLC" is still showing on the selection to create a new tag.
100% sure that UDT folder "RA_SLC" is deleted and not showin on the UDT definitions tree anymore.

This could be the reason for the error log?