[IGN-6631] noInterpolation not working on system.tag.queryTagHistory through Gateway Network

I have 2 gateways (local site pc and remote centralized server) and are connected to each other via the Gateway Network. I created a Remote Tag Provider and Remote History Provider on the central server. Both are query-only and the remote history provider is using the gateway network to query the results (not database).

The issue is that when you have missing data (or data marked as bad quality) and you run system.tag.queryTagHistory(.....,noInterpolation=True) on the local pc, the result is as expected. There is a jump in time and data. But the same query on the remote gateway returns all data in between at the indicated interval. It is behaving as if queries passing through the gateway network have noInterpolation hardcoded to False or are not receiving this parameter. Setting IgnoreBadQuality and validateSCExec to True or False had no effect in the result.

On Central server, this query returns all data between date ranges (incorrect behavior)

On the Local PC, this query skips the time frames where no data exists (correct behavior)

Ignition Versions:
local site pc is 8.1.18
central server is 8.1.23

Thanks for the report. This looks like a known issue, so I've added you to our existing internal ticket.

Bumping this to see if this is planned on being resolved soon.

It's "Dev-Ready", but only green priority, so probably won't be picked up very soon.

Bumping one more time as we have another project that will rely on local and remote queries returning identical information.

Worse news than before. It's been formally bumped off the "to be fixed in 8.1" pile, meaning the absolute earliest you'll see this fixed is in some 8.3.X release; so no earlier than Q4 2024.

Ok, I'll update my Christmas wish list for this year then. Thanks for the quick response.