[IGN-6660]Search / Find for Session Custom bindings

I’m sure this is something that should be obvious to me since I would have otherwise expected to find the question asked before, but how do you search transform scripts on session custom properties? There is a filter for property names but that doesn’t help with the bindings. The find/replace interface doesn’t include an option for session property bindings.

I’m not sure what you are asking. In an attempt to replicate the question, I set up this transform script on style parameter binding

When I use Find/Replace, and search for a keyword inside the script, the search tool finds the binding:

Yes, that works for bindings that are someplace in a view. I’m asking specifically about Session Custom Property Bindings.

I don’t know why that didn’t click. You are right; when I repeated the experiment with a binding on a session property, and it doesn’t show up.

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